Work begins at the Holbrook site

Linked to our own stadium development at the Hop Oast, work has now commenced at the Holbrook site, with the creation of an entrance off Jackdaw Lane.

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  1. Is it not to late to do a deal with YMCA for the early fixtures of next season ?
    I am sure that if you asked they would warm to the request and you would obviously gain from the extra gate money.
    I have missed you so much with your move to the south coast.
    Ex season ticket holder and fan.

  2. Post

    Hi Derek. Sussex FA have been great hosts while we’ve been playing down at Lancing and we’re already signed up to stay with them until the new ground is ready. However, it won’t be long at all until you’ll find us playing at our brand new stadium at the Hop Oast. Look forward to seeing you there.

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