Hop Oast Video Tour

During a recent visit to Hop Oast, ace reporter Mark Barrett took the opportunity to record a video tour of the site which gives a great feel of what’s to come when everything is completed in just a few month’s time!

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  1. I am looking forward to the team coming back to Horsham to play hopefully a few of the past teams will come to watch

    Martin South

  2. Any chance the ground could be ready for the play offs? What a great return that would be. Although the team may prefer to play them at Lancing anyway on a pitch they’re used to.

    1. Post

      Hi Mike. The current planned handover of the development is mid-May, so we’d probably just miss the play-offs. Also, there’s a huge amount of work to be done between May and our first home game, with all the fittings and systems that need to be up and running for that to happen, so unfortunately it’s unlikely that any play-off games could be at Hop Oast. Nice thought though!!

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