Clubhouse Update

Courtesy of Matt Dale, who made a quick visit to the stadium recently, here are a few pictures showing how the inside (and also the outside) of the stadium is progressing. The image above shows the main clubhouse area looking towards the Frank King Suite with the bar on the left. The folding doors, which give such flexibility in how the space can be used, have also been fitted now.

The bar is also shown in full view below, but with work still to be done.

The kitchen is well on the way to be being completed, and we believe that a professional kitchen such as this is of a much higher standard than you’d find in most non-League grounds.

Finally, outside the front of the clubhouse there’s a covered walkway from the exit door to the main matchday entrance area. This has only just been installed and adds not only to the cover that’s available, but also to the look of the building. It’s shown below in detail …

… and then as it appears on the front of the building.

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