We have the keys!

Friday, 21 June 2019 marks an outstanding day in the proud history of Horsham Football Club, as after an 18-month build period, we’ve finally been handed the keys to the stadium! This means we have full ownership of the pitches, clubhouse and other facilities and can start to make them into the new home of Horsham Football Club!

Pictured above during the handover ceremony (and with our magnificent clubhouse behind them) are (left to right); Reside Construction Site Manager Steve Twine, Reside Construction Director Stuart Burne, Horsham FC CEO John Lines and our Project Manager Steve Reeves.

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  1. Despite being in the picture, I will be the first to comment that today is a momentous occasion for Horsham FC and I am so very proud to be a small part of bringing the club back home to the town. Our players deserve this, our Management deserve this but more than anything else our loyal supporters deserve this. Thank you for sticking with us, we knew it would come eventually and we are on the edge of whole new exciting era for our Club. Thank you.

  2. Having been making regular visits up to Hop Oast most weeks since October 2018, I’ve seen how the building has progressed and only today went through my photos to compare how the building site had changed, and each time I went there I got a thrill knowing that Horsham FC are coming home and Hop Oast is our new home! A big “Thank you!” to everyone who kept the dream alive despite obstacles and setbacks being put in the way.
    The pitch and clubhouse look absolutely fantastic from the outside as I’m certain it does from inside.
    Thank you to all the contractors who have done a fantastic job and have been so lucky with the weather overall.
    Exciting times ahead, a new ground with new teams to welcome just as long as they don’t take the points away with them!
    Very best wishes to Dom and the players, the coaching staff and Directors and to all the ‘Lardy Boy’s’. ??

  3. More than just a small part, John. We thank you for all the very hard work you’ve done to get this project to where it is. Can’t wait to see my first game there.

  4. Exciting Times for Horsham FC with the Youth Building Teams to filter into the First Team at Grassroots Level . Strong Foundations in Player Development Is essential to the Success of the Club. #oneclub ?

  5. Great news! John, you played a huge part in getting this done so our thanks to you for securing the future of the club.

  6. Great to see you finally have the keys to your new ground, and when I visited a few weeks ago it looked very good even if not fully finished.

    Congratulations and WELL DONE to everyone involved in this momentous achievement.

  7. This is momentous.
    The talent in Horsham is immense.
    We watch budding young players from all over the counties filter into Horsham FC -proud of the town and a fantastic new ground for all to enjoy.

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